That name puts the purpose front and center. The idea is to pack more meaning in every communication you send out as a Conscious Business.

Our emails have consistently produced Emotional Responses and Business Results. Scroll down to know more.

Shark felt buyer remorse

Vinita Singh told Abeesh Mathew in the after-show that she was pleasantly surprised to receive emails after her mother ordered Achaar from JhaJi Store.

Customers happily paid more

A Farm-fresh Milk Brand was facing rising input costs and needed to raise prices by 10%+ and had to do it carefully to retain most customers.Thanks to a humble, honest and authentic conversation spread over several emails in a sequence, 95% did

Entertained thousands w/ Folklores

A Meghalayan Brand selling spices decided to invest in the stories of their travel, discoveries and people in the region.Existing customers lapped these stories up with 30%+ consistently coming back to buy products.It also attracted new customers. Costing less than conventional ads.

Will you like this for your brand?

If you're building a D2C Brand and have a contact list of 20,000 or more customers, email channel can consistently bring in lakhs of revenues every month.We can discuss this on a call when you have 15 minutes next.

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